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August 2010
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Potato – Broccoli Soup and Pasta Frittata

It cooled down for most of last week, and with that dip in temperature,  I was craving soup again.  I decided to pull out V’con again, since its been sitting on the shelf for awhile, and see if there were any new soups I hadn’t made yet and had all the ingredients for.  I was [...]

Broccoli-Corn Salad and Mediteranean Pizza

When you’ve got some beautifully colored veggies and it’s a hot summer day, cooking things seems almost criminal, and when I hit on the idea for a quick broccoli-corn salad, I knew it was paydirt.  This was delish (as Rachael Ray would say) and quick and easy.  I did blanch the broccoli a bit…but shhhh!  [...]

Indian Loaf and Spinach

I had been craving Indian flavors, and although the recipe I was looking at called for a quinoa loaf with absolutely nothing Indian about it, I felt I could take it in an India direction, and that’s exactly what I did…although it’s pretty darn spicy, so I wouldn’t recommend eating without a healthy dollop of [...]

Pecan Brussels

I think there should be a medical name for my addiction to oven-roasted brussels sprouts.  I can literally go through a pound and a half of these by myself, the same way some people go through a bag of  potato chips.  (Not me, I don’t particularly like potato chips).  I think it’s something about the [...]

Cucumber-Tomato Salad, Pot Roast Seitan, Cornbread, and Green Bean Pepper Salad

With the exception of the quick salad I whipped up, all of these recipes came from the Passionate Vegetarian, a cookbook that is seriously undervalued in my kitchen, considering how much it has to offer.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the green beans, which ended up tasting very “mustardy” but I did like the [...]

Vegetable Millet

I wanted a grain that was a bit off the beaten-track the other day (unlike pasta and rice, which I see all the time) and unearthed about a cup of millet in my pantry.  I googled the liquid to millet ratio (it’s 2 to 1 in case you were wondering) and simply sauteed whatever veggies [...]

Scones and Potatoes

I did a breakfast for dinner sort of thing the other day, with scones and maple-baked potatoes and carrots.  The scones are actually the chive spelt biscuits from Vegan Brunch, except that I replaced the spelt flour with standard white, adding about a cup to create a dough instead of a batter, and cut them [...]

Pasta, pasta, and more pasta.

There’s definitely been a trend lately….I’ve been making a lot of pasta.  First the breaded seitan made a repeat appearance as chicken parm: Next I decided to break into a jar of Thai Kitchen pad thai sauce that had been sitting in the pantry for what feels like forever.  So this is basically whatever veggies [...]