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May 2010
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What I ate for Cinco De Mayo

First off, have you entered the giveaway yet?  Even if you don’t want to make creme brulee, who doesn’t want a culinary torch?  Trust me…that thing is just plain fun…think Veggie French Onion Soup…Scroll down two entries and leave a comment for your chance!

Now back to Cinco De Mayo, where I skipped the Margaritas in favor of an evening run and yoga class, but I did make tortillas from scratch, Mexican Rice, and some “beef seitan”.  I’ve made tortillas in the past, but tend to have an issue with them getting hard and cracking in half when I go for the fold, but this time they actually STAYED SOFT, which shocked the hell out of me, and was pretty darn delicious to boot.


That’s the Mexican rice you can sort of see in the background, and I made it using the recipe found here, just switching out the white rice for brown jasmine, since I’ve been trying to keep the empty carbs out of my house as much as possible.  (She says having pictured the rice alongside white flour tortillas).  It was good rice, although a bit on the undercooked side, I probably should’ve added an extra half cup of liquid since I was using brown.  Oops.

The tortilla recipe is even more simple than the rice, and just so you know, I replaced the milk called for with unsweetened vanilla hemp milk (since that was what I had on hand) and didn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever on the finished product, so I’d say you can use whatever “milk” product you prefer.  (Strawberry is probably a bad call unless you want sweet pink tortillas…which WOULD be interesting, so if you do it please link me over to the picture!)

Most exciting is the seitan,for  which I used the recipe from Bryanna over at FatFree Vegan Recipes, and tweaked a bit to accommodate the ingredients I had on hand.  I used tapioca flour instead of flakes, skipped the gravy browner all together since it’s not something I have on hand, and used TVP instead of pinto beans.  Once the seitan was done in the slow cooker, I sliced it into strips and fried those up in a pan with a bit of Olive Oil until crispy.  Win.  These are more beef-like than any seitan I’ve ever made in the past, and it’s definitely a recipe I’ll be returning to.  Just wait for the next entry when I show you how I used it in a Ginger Beef application…


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