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January 2010
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So I’ve got the flu…or its nasty older brother.  I’ve barely been mobile for the last week, although I feel better in the evenings then I do during the day, so I’ve been attempting to go out and get things done then…which is probably part of why I feel so dead when I get up every morning.  Because of the illness I really haven’t been eating ANYTHING exciting, but I took pictures of what’s been on my plate, so I figured I’d least post those and prove that I’m still alive…sort of.

There was a really bland and unfortunate pasta dish with mushrooms and spinach in it:


And then there was the chickpea-soba soup from V’con, although I replaced the soba with whole wheat spaghetti this time around (its got more of a bite to it than the soba) and added a handful of celery greens from the bagfull I’ve been keeping in the freezer since the summers harvest.  I’ve heard miso is really good for you…better even then the ‘ole chicken soup miracle, so I figured this was a great recipe to pull out.  It tasted great….but I’m definitely still sick.


I have been trying to use up things that have been sitting in the pantry for awhile, and while I’ve tried a number of things with lychee, there’s just nothing I like as much as my lychee seitan standby.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any seitan and wasn’t feeling totally up to making it, so I had to use tofu as a stand in.  I used my standard lychee seitan recipe and threw in some bell pepper and carrot for color/crunch.  While the flavor was there, tofu just isn’t as good in this, it really needs that chewy seitan texture to balance out the lychee.


Last but not least…are veggies.  These were simply sauteed in a couple tablespoons of earth balance along with a splash of lemon juice, S+P.  I did them in the cast iron skillet…mostly because I was hoping there’d be some iron rubbing off in the food and it’ll help me gain my strength back…anyone think there’s a chance?



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