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December 2009
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Thai Red Curry

This one was underwhelming…so I won’t bother with a recipe.  If I ever get it right, I’ll share, but for the time being I just can’t compete with the Thai place down the street.


I even managed to undercook my rice somehow, which isn’t an issue I ever have.  Must just be that kind of day…

On a side note of sorts, as I was cooking this I was wondering if Thai restaurants use ‘Thai Kitchen’ products behind the scenes…do Thai people?


5 comments to Thai Red Curry

  • zp

    Which of the New Haven Thai places is your favorite? I like the curries at Thai Taste, but I’m not wild about their noodle dishes.

  • beershevaboheme6

    I love Thai Awesome on Dixwell Ave in Hamden. Especially if you go before 3 and get the lunch special. You get a soup, salad, and choice of entree. And they’re VERY veggie accommodating. They’ll make any soup Veggie along with any dish…they even thought to eliminate fish sauce from the Pad Thai when I didn’t even think to ask.

    You also can’t beat the price…I think it’s 6.95 for the lunch special…and the plate is HUGE.

  • zp

    I’ve wanted to try Thai Awesome for awhile, but it’s never convenient for me.

    I just read – literally just read, this afternoon – about a winter squash curry from Sweet Jasmine Rice. I love Thai curries with squash and I’ve missed them here in New Haven.

  • beershevaboheme6

    So i tried going there last night…and it was CLOSED. There was a small hand-written note on the door but I couldn’t see it from the road and there was nowhere to just pull over….what restaurant is closed the first friday night after being reviewed???

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