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December 2009
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Collards and Cornbread

I’ve done collards before…many times actually, but I feel like they’re always a bit different, and my biggest complaint is that they usually come out a little too sweet for me.  I’m not huge on cloyingly sweet foods, and it’s hard for me to eat an entire bowl/plate of something that tastes like dessert, no [...]

Tempeh and Tomato Relish on Bread

Making a sandwich for dinner can often feel like the easy way out, but then again, some sandwiches are AWESOME and you really wouldn’t want anything else for your evening meal.  This ranks up there with the AWESOME sandwiches.  It’s also got plenty of protein with the tempeh, so you won’t walk away feeling unfulfilled. [...]

Sweet Potato Hash

So I stuck with tradition, and made a hash for breakfast, although it would’ve been darn good for dinner too, and my roommate took the leftovers for lunch.  By and large sweet potatoes won’t easily develop that crispy crust on the bottom that normal white potatoes do in a good hash, but if you leave [...]

Things in which Cilantro Chutney are AWESOME

So one of my awesome Chanukah presents from one of my awesome friends was a Cilantro Chutney, which I’ve been using in practically everything I’ve made since.  The night I got it I wasn’t really in the mood to cook anything elaborate, so I did some sweet potato fries dipped in the chutney instead of [...]

Fatoosh Salad and Veggie Ragu

Apparently in Lebanon, what I know as Israeli salad, is called Fatoosh.  The only real difference as far as I can tell, is that there’s Sumac in the dressing instead of zataar.  I used both in this, because frankly, when it comes to the spice of life, it’s the more the merrier. I used a [...]

Chili Mole Sin Carne and Cauliflower with Three seed sauce over Indian Rice

It’d been awhile since I cracked the pages of Vegan with a Vengeance, so I decided to try a couple of meals I’d missed this week.  The first was the chili mole sin carne: I decided to skip all the cooking instructions for this and instead threw all the ingredients in the crockpot for 5 [...]

Vegan Dad’s English Muffins

So in general genius fashion, we forgot to buy bread when we went shopping this week, and came home to discover we had about three slices left for the entire week.  Not good.  I wasn’t feeling up to making a loaf, but I had been eying the english muffin recipe in the Vegan Dad cookbook [...]

Pasta Cici, Brussels and Onions…and oh yeah, FRIED PICKLES

I had a good friend over for dinner the other night, and he made his specialty, Pasta Cici.  Or as I refer to it, pasta with chickpeas and fennel.  It’s only fennel seeds, but when you get a bite of the stuff, you certainly know it’s there.  Not that that’s a bad thing…I love fennel, [...]

Belgian Waffles!

One of my scores on black friday was a rotating belgian waffle maker that I got at Kohls, and while I had an old square waffle maker, when I saw this in the circular I just had to have it.  There’s nothing better than fresh fruit on a waffle, and while we had strawberries and [...]

Thai Red Curry

This one was underwhelming…so I won’t bother with a recipe.  If I ever get it right, I’ll share, but for the time being I just can’t compete with the Thai place down the street. I even managed to undercook my rice somehow, which isn’t an issue I ever have.  Must just be that kind of [...]