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November 2009
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Whole Wheat Waffles with Red Wine and Mushroom Gravy

So I know I said I’d be better about posting…but then I went and got the flu or something like it, and became a bum.  I still feel pretty darn sick, but that’s why I’m sitting on the couch posting…I can’t do much of anything else successfully right now.  I HAVE been cooking though…something about being congested and sore as all heck makes me want to spend time in the kitchen, so it’s a good thing I’ve pretty much been cooking for myself lately, and don’t have to share my germs.

Since it’d been awhile, I decided to open up Vegan Brunch the other day, and find something exciting for breakfast that I hadn’t done before.  I didn’t have any buckwheat flour, but with whole wheat as a replacement, I made the “buckwheat” waffles with the red wine-mushroom gravy.  (That’s not exactly what it’s called, but I’m too unmotivated to go check)  The gravy reminded me a lot of the red wine roux from Veganomicon, which isn’t a bad thing…I love that roux, I’m just not sure why one’s a roux and one’s a gravy…


Since I decided to make this on the spur of the moment, I had to replace the shallots with plain old onions, and the creminis with button mushrooms, but I think it worked out fine.  The only issue I have now is that I’m out of waffles but still have plenty of gravy…I’m thinking something seitan-based is in my future if I ever work up the energy to cook again…


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