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November 2009
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Cinnamon Squash

This is a classic comfort food that my Mom has been making as long as I can remember, and when I realized I had all the ingredients earlier this week, I just had to whip some up for myself.  It’s not a looker, so you’ll have to excuse the picture, but have faith that it [...]

Well it LOOKS like Pizza

Sometimes I have very strange cravings.  Back when I did a semester at Ben Gurion University, we had a Madrich (Hebrew for Counselor/leader) who was an Israeli University student in charge of all the official extracurriculars for our program.  As it turns out, this Madrich was a sustainable garden-growing, home-building, Vegan leftist, Army dissenter and [...]

What’s been coming out of my Kitchen

What with the holidays approaching and all sorts of other stresses I just haven’t had time to post.  I have been cooking, but what happens is that I make things, forget about them, and once I finally upload the pictures, I vaguely remember the flavors, but have no clue what actually went into them.  So [...]

Burdock Root Chips and Brussel-Sunchoke Saute

So I’ve never bought a burdock root in my life…frankly it sounds like something Harry Potter would have to deal with in Professor Sprout’s class, but you know me…I just can’t let a strange vegetable lie.  So I bought one of the roots, and went home to google their uses.  I was dismayed to find [...]

How much is a compromise?

This is cross-posted from my personal blog/journal, and is about food, not how I cook it. I’ve been waiting for the Whole Foods to open in Milford for three years now.  Originally they were building a Wild Oats, but didn’t get very far before the entire chain was bought by Whole Foods, who halted production.  For [...]

Asparagus and Mustard Stir-fry with crisp tofu and peppers in a Spicy Sauce

As a matter of course, I am suspicious of anything that titles itself the “Complete Vegetarian Cookbook”  I don’t know why it’s considered acceptable in the Vegan/Vegetarian cookbook sector to call recipe collections “complete”, or “everything”, or “the end all be all”.  No other cookbook would claim to have every recipe ever, so how can [...]

Leftover veggie quiche with potato crust

This was actually something I made on the spur of the moment with what little was left in the fridge before shopping.  Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly what that WAS because this was over a week ago now, but I know there’s carrots, spinach and bell pepper in there at any rate…that might even be [...]

Pomegranate Glazed Tofu over Saffron Rice

If there’s one thing I can never dismiss, it’s a culinary challenge (think beet boobs) and when POM sent out a call for “their” bloggers to create a recipe using POM…I had to start thinking.  Now that I’ve used all the Pomegranate juice I had I’m having new ideas, but I think I’m going to [...]

Whole Wheat Waffles with Red Wine and Mushroom Gravy

So I know I said I’d be better about posting…but then I went and got the flu or something like it, and became a bum.  I still feel pretty darn sick, but that’s why I’m sitting on the couch posting…I can’t do much of anything else successfully right now.  I HAVE been cooking though…something about [...]

Carmelized Fennel and Butternut Squash Soup

So I admit to finishing up VeganMofo with a whimper…I simply haven’t been cooking anything terribly exciting the last week or so, and have had even less motivation to post.  I’m back though…I swear!!!  With the winter getting colder, there will be lots motivation to try out hearty stews and casseroles that I tend to [...]