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October 2009
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Pom Tea

There are few things as exciting as getting packages (mail can be exciting on occasion, but more often then not, it’s junk.  or bills)  I have yet to get a bill in a package, so for the time being their still cool.  One awesome package I got in September was from POM, who wanted me to try out their new line of teas.  They don’t pay me anything, just send me free drinks to try, so I don’t have to say anything good.  First off, if you’re looking for it at your local market, this is what they look like:


They sent me a four pack like in the picture, and I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember all the flavors.  I do remember not particularly liking the lite version (but I always think lite stuff tastes funny), and a couple bottles were really good mixed with Vodka.  The one I can’t forget…was the lychee, and it is AWESOME.  I have a thing for lychee fruit as it is, and I don’t get my hands on lychee drinks all that often (I get lucky on occasion at the Asian market) so this was a special street.  Seriously good…and their free gift works out in their favor, because I’m sure I will be laying out cash for this in the near future….and I recommend you at least try the lychee as well…


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