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August 2009
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I’m fashionably late…but I made it!

So I was waiting forever for Vegan Brunch to be released, and the week it was finally to occur…I lost my job, and subsequently decided that I have a whole lot of cookbooks, and shouldn’t be spending my money on new ones while I don’t have income and need to pay bills.  So I still don’t have a (full time) job, but last week was my birthday, and I decided since I got a couple checks from loved ones, I could spare 13 bucks or so for Vegan Brunch, and that is what I did.  So what was the first thing I made?  Peanut Butter waffles!!!


I was seriously tempted to top these with jelly, since they’re peanut butter, but on further thought, decided I probably wouldn’t actually like jelly with my waffles, and stuck to the maple syrup…always a good call.   As Isa says in the recipe, these are some SERIOUSLY thick waffles.  Mine never totally spread out to the corners of the waffle maker, but that’s ok, because one of these…was plenty.  I mean, they are some STURDY waffles.  Filling, and peanuty…and all that good stuff.  I added an extra half cup of water to the batter, and they were STILL intense.  These are definitely some manly-man waffles.

And that said…I can’t WAIT to work my way through this book.  I started myself off nice and simple, but I’ll get to the fancy stuff soon (expect some chesepeake tempeh cakes coming your way this week) and once I’ve mastered a nice repertoire, expect their to be a brunch party in my future….


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