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August 2009
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I apologize in advance that this one is not Vegan, but can easily be made so by using a Vegan cheese product or tofu ricotta….oooh, I should’ve gone the tofu ricotta route….that sounds delicious.  I’ve actually never made a calzone before, but we were thinking pizza last night and I decided “why not take it [...]

Tomato Rosemary Scones

This is yet another recipe from Vegan Brunch, and one that I’ve been wanting to try since I first opened the book cause the picture looks so darn good.  I had to replace the fresh rosemary with dried, and used whole wheat flour instead of regular white, so mine don’t look quite as pretty as [...]

Ramen Noodle Soup

I really wish I remembered what I put in this…it was basically everything except the kitchen sink and the seasoning packet.  I even added a cornstarch slurry to thicken things up at the end, although it didn’t really work.  As it stands, you will have to suffice with a picture…and come up with your own [...]

Garlic Scape Pesto

There are certain dishes that are so easy and delicious, I make them multiple times and go to them as a standby when I have company over.  That said, this one in particular usually vanishes so fast I can’t get a picture, and due to its vanishing act, I haven’t been able to blog about [...]

Eggplant with Spicy Chinese Peanut Dressing

Me and Renae over at i eat food must be karmically connected or something, because lately everything she makes strikes a chord with me, and I go running off to try the same thing or something similar.  First off, I have to say that I found these AWESOME looking eggplant at the market, and although [...]

Couscous with Tofu

I wasn’t in the mood to cook much (if at all…has it been hot and humid forever???) so my first thought was couscous.  You really only need to boil water for the couscous itself, and by the time you pour in the grain you can turn off the heat, so in terms of summer foods…it’s [...]

Drunken Noodles

I’m fairly convinced the Thai are pulling the wool over our eyes, because why on earth would they call a dish drunken noodles and not put any alcohol on them?  Anyway, I’ve been wanting to make said dish forever (mostly because I enjoy the name) and was highly motivated the other day when I saw [...]

Tofu Tacos and Beans n’ Rice

There were 4 corn tacos heading towards retirement age in the fridge, and I decided that meant Mexican, which also led to the first time I’ve actually ever made beans n rice.  The tacos were ok, but the rice was AMAZING, so that’s the recipe I’ll share with you. Ingredients 1 1/4 cups jasmine rice [...]

A Story in Pictures

Lately I’ve been turning to Vegan Brunch for all my meals, some of which have been winners, others not as much.  I’m short on time and not terribly motivated (what can I say?  Humidity does that to me) so this is basically just going to be a list of pictures. First up, these are the [...]

Vegan Squash Blossoms

There are certain foods I don’t see often, and whenever I do, I NEED to get them.  Squash blossoms fall under that heading, and when I saw them at the market this week, I HAD to get a couple dozen.  I keep seeing recipes for nice, clean sauteed blossoms and such, and I tell myself [...]