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July 2009
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Cauliflower Pakoras and Onion Relish with Green Beans and Mushrooms

Cauliflower to me is such an enigma.  I always want to buy them (especially when they come in awesome colors like purple) but I never know what to do with it, and even when I find an appropriate recipe, nine times out of ten I’m seriously underwhelmed.  I don’t want to eat it plain, because frankly, plain, raw cauliflower tastes like plastic, so I’ve been on the hunt.

The cauliflower Pakora recipe from Sundays at the Moosewoods Restaurant is PERFECT.  It would be more perfect if it wasn’t deep  fried, but I don’t fry a whole lot, and this is SO worth it.  Cauliflower battered, fried, and in my case, swirled around in homemade honey-dijon.  (ie I mixed the two together in a bowl)  I can tell you from a place of authority that these are really good with ketchup as well if that’s your thing.


I also made the fiery onion relish from the same book, which is basically minced onions, paprika, cayenne, lemon juice, and salt, mixed together and left to chill for at least 30 minutes.

A simple, quick veggie side came into being when I quartered mushrooms, and cut green beans into 1 inch segments.  The shrooms and beans were sauteed in a tbs of olive oil, and hit with some herbs d’provence, S+P, and a pat of EB.  Sometimes you just gotta have that buttery taste with your beans and shrooms…

Certainly not the healthiest dinner on earth, but it was Birthday dinner, so I can eat whatever I want on that one day!  I got a great surprise when I went to the evening yoga class and the teacher had baked me birthday cupcakes…so sweet!


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