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June 2009
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Tofu Curry with Peach Chutney

We’re calling this meal Indian Fusion since I didn’t actually reference any recipes, and I’m pretty sure anything that I create by grabbing “this and that” can’t be any closer to traditional Indian food than fusion.  It was delicious though, so fusion or not, I’ll call it a success.  There were a couple peaches heading [...]

Miscellaneous Mediterranean

Last night’s dinner was a bit of everything, and absolutely delicious.  Sometimes you really don’t need an “entree” to feel fulfilled, and what’s more so, you may not want one.  Enter last night’s dinner. I’d prepared some falafel mix the night before (my standby recipe from Joan Nathan’s The Foods of Israel Today) and fried [...]

Dry Rubbed BBQ Tofu

This idea came from Vegan Dad although I think I went a good bit heavier on the dry rub then he did.  I also used the bottled Malaysian Pineapple BBQ sauce in the fridge rather than making my own from scratch. My spice rub was a combination of paprika, sea salt, shallot-pepper, cayenne, onion powder, [...]

Peanut Tempeh and my Blogiversary

First things first, this is my one year Blogiversary!  In some ways I can’t believe its been a year, and in others it feels like I’ve been doing this forever.  I’m pretty excited to have made it here, and I’m hoping for more years of cooking, blogging, and sharing with all of you.  Sadly, there [...]

Spaghetti N’ Franks

Sometimes you just need some good ole comfort food, and coming off a 24 hour stomach virus, that’s definitely what I needed.  I made this a bit healthier than my childhood version with smart dogs, whole wheat pasta, and baby spinach in the sauce, but it still did the trick. Ingredients 1 pkg whole wheat [...]

Sundried Tomato-Asparagus Quiche

Oooooh YUM.  Sometimes I feel like I need to draw a family tree for recipes by the time they make their way to me.  This one actually started it’s life in VwaV, a book that I OWN, but somehow missed it in.  As far as I can make out, this version went from VwaV—>Pink Stripes–>Yeah, [...]

Mexican Black Bean Salad

We did Mexican tonight, which I didn’t really bother taking pictures of, since frankly, you’ve all seen a taco before, been there, done that.  I made the tortillas from scratch as I sometimes do, using the recipe found here, obviously using vegetable shortening in my rendition.  There was also some pre-packaged lemon-pepper tempeh that I [...]

Grilling Day 2

Once you start, you just can’t stop.  Oh wait…that’s Pringles, and I’m actually not a huge fan, what are Pringles made out of anyway?  They don’t taste like potatoes, and they’re definitely not corn chips.  But I’m off topic. The idea here was basically to grill anything and everything sitting in the fridge.  I went [...]