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June 2009
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Fettucini Alfreda and Butternut-Pumpkin Seed Rice Paper Rolls

This was actually two separate meals, but in the interest of er…space, I’m posting them together.  Last night’s dinner was the Fettuccine Alfreda recipe from VwaV:


The pasta is topped liberally with Bac-uns, pretty much my favorite food EVER.  I’m also not sure exactly what makes this sauce remotely related to an alfredo, but I guess Isa saw it.  The only flavors I really got from this were onions, and nooch.  LOTS and LOTS of nooch.  In general I’m a pretty big fan of nooch, we go through it pretty fast round these parts, but this seemed a bit ridiculous.  Like eating liquid nooch on pasta.  Lots of thick, flavorful nooch.  If you love the stuff, be my guest and make yourself a pot of this…but it’s probably a one time only recipe for me.

Next up, my sister stopped by for a brief visit today, and since I’m a miniature Jewish Mother (ok, not so miniature but childless as yet) I had to make some nosh.  I went with the Butternut-Pumpkin Seed Rice Paper Rolls from V’con along with their sauce.


These weren’t bad, but I wouldn’t call them spectacular either.  I don’t know that I’m a huge fan of crunch in my spring rolls, but that’s just me.  I replaced the cilantro with basil since every so often I go through a “the smell of cilantro makes me hurl phase” and I’m dead in the middle of one right now.  The trick to these since there’s no flavor to speak of in the rolls themselves, is to bite off the top and then drop a couple spoonfulls of the sauce into the rolls themselves.  Then they’re highly enjoyable.

I also did the chocolate pudding from VwaV, although I didn’t bother picturing it.  I’m a little perturbed, because although it tasted good (and a lot like a big bowl of marzipan because I may have been heavy handed with the almond extract) the texture was somewhat terrifying.  I had the mixture on the stovetop and was whisking away, when in literally a second flat, it went from the consistancy of hot chocolate….to fudge.  I kid you not.  I refrigerated the stuff for about an hour as directed….and it got more solid.  I was able to stir it up and eat with a spoon, but it was WAY thicker than your average pudding.  Strange.  Anyone else had this issue with the recipe?


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