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May 2009
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Squash Fries

It seems everyone’s been talking about squash fries, but I never got around to making them until now.  They ARE delicious (I went with butternut squash) although they never got terribly crispy, an issue I also have with sweet potato fries .  As a new way to cook squash they’re great, but anyone had luck [...]

Sesame Seitan Kebobs

I don’t have any scallions, so it makes perfect sense that I decided on a “sesame beef and scallion kabob” recipe for dinner.  The original recipe is from the Food Network, but I found it over at Vegan Appetite and made mine based on that.  I chopped up some of the stems from my spring [...]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudgies

So if you haven’t heard, there’s an awesome cookbook giveaway going on at Diet, Dessert and Dogs and all you have to do for an entry is comment on the post.  For bonus points, you can make one of her awesome recipes that have already appeared on the blog, and even though we already had [...]

Pho using up leftovers

I’ve got Guy Fierri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives cookbook out from the library right now, and in thumbing through it, discovered a fully vegetarian recipe for Pho, which I’ve been wanting to try out forever.  Too bad I only had about half (if that) of the called for ingredients.  No problem…I made my own version, [...]