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April 2009
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Tomato Asparagus Quiche

I found another V’con recipe I hadn’t tried yet…that being the Quiche.  I must say I was intrigued by a vegan quiche with no egg replacement, no tofu, no fake cheese…no liquids to speak of, and I had something to prove.  A beloved friend (when she heard the ingredients) was convinced it would never hold its shape.

Well, take a look at this!



I prefer the “whole pie” picture, which I’ll add below, but I just had to prove that it could hold its shape outside of the pan.



All that said, I wasn’t a huge fan of this, it was very…beany.  The contents were one big mushy forkful which was fairly bland overall.  I also happen to think that pureeing perfectly good asparagus is somewhat cruel.  It in no way had the richness of flavor I’m looking for in a quiche, and after 3/4 of a slice I was scooping away the insides so I could eat the crust.  OH THE CRUST.  I used the pie crust recipe from V’con as well, and it was DAMN good.  I’ve never made a quiche crust that good before, probably because I don’t normally use shortening.  The inside of this was so darn healthy compared to your average quiche though, I think it balances out.

So use the crust recipe for your next quiche/pie, deep dish pizza, whatever…but the filling…not my thing.  They can’t ALL be winners.


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