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April 2009
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Spicy Sausage Pasta

I can eat Carbohydrates!!!!!!!  I just had to get that out of the way, and now I can talk about the meal I ate to break Passover once the sun went down on Thursday.  I hadn’t made “sausages” in some time, and was itching to try out a new recipe since I’ve had a lot [...]

Asparagus Portabella Quinoa

This was the last night of Passover…I intend to wait until after dark for dinner tomorrow…it’s going to be a carb fest.  We did quinoa again tonight, and frankly if I was writing a cookbook, this would be the first recipe.  It was absolutely delicious. This may not look like much, but it was DAMN [...]

Rutabaga Mash

I needed to do something other than mashed potatoes, and while I’ve never had rutabaga before, I’ve heard about it’s propensity for being mashed…and I was up for trying something new. It turns out I REALLY LIKE RUTABAGA.  It’s a good bit sweeter than normal mashed potatoes and has almost a cauliflower flavor to it, [...]

Baked Buttercup Squash

The squash were gorgeous this week, and I just couldn’t help myself.  (plus they’re passover friendly!)  I got a pale green buttercup squash, and went with a simple oven bake. The oven was pre-heated to 400F while I scooped out the seeds, and set each half up with a teaspoon of margarine, and ample sprinklings [...]

Asian Marinated Green Beans

These green beans weren’t actually marinated…they were cooked with the remaining marinade from the portabella mushrooms, which thickened considerably during that cooking process and created a sauce I just couldn’t throw out. The beans were sautéed in a bit of peanut oil to keep an Asian flavor, and after a couple minutes the remaining marinade [...]

Passover Friendly Food fit for Royalty

For 8 days, I can’t have ANY wheat products (bread, cereal, pasta, rice, couscous, wheat gluten, etc) dried beans and the products they make (soy, chickpeas, navy, kidney, lima, black, butter, etc) and no peanuts.  Basically, this is the anti-vegetarian holiday, and I generally hate what I eat for this week.  Not tonight…this was all [...]

Strawberry Pesach Cake

This is the delicious strawberry snack cake from FatFree Vegan Kitchen made Passover friendly and rather gooey.  Once I’d tried this I kept trying to describe it…and coming up with gooey.  Gooey really isn’t a bad thing…I love it when my yoga teacher calls our latter downward facing dogs “gooey” and this cake was the [...]

Grandma’s “brisket”

With Passover coming up, I’m craving some of my family’s traditional holiday food (not including matzoh…which I can live without) and so I called up my grandmother.  “What’s your brisket recipe I asked?”  Remembering my favorite meat until the days I went Veggie six years ago and wanting to give it a shot… Turns out [...]

Broccoli Rabe and Roasted Red Peppers over Couscous

This is just a simple and quick lunch with some help from the box…semi-homemade as Sandra Lee would say (I can’t STAND her—and has anyone else noticed that she used hard liquor in every show, no matter what?)  Anyhow. I made a box of the Far East wild mushroom couscous, and while that was cooking [...]

Mushroom-Seitan Lasagna Rolls

I was totally picturing this with a white sauce on top…and then I realized that I don’t love white sauce, and we didn’t have any soymilk anyway.  Red sauce it was. Admittedly this doesn’t look nearly as exciting as it truely is…I wish I could’ve taken the picture with xray technology.  The filling was a [...]