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April 2009
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Chinese Takeout Burgers with Purple Mashed Potatoes and Snow Peas

I’d had the Chinese Take Out Burgers from Just the Food bookmarked for weeks now, and I finally got around to making them yesterday.  Yum!


I’m glad I didn’t attempt to put these on a bun, because it would’ve been too much.  They’re essentially rice patties (delicious rice patties) and that’s enough carbs for me as it is, just one of these filled me up to overflowing.  It’s all about the glaze they’re dunked in here, although I had to forgo the orange juice since we were out, I replaced it with some additional orange zest.

Also pictured, are some purple mashed potatoes…they taste exactly like normal potatoes, I just find it awesome that they’re purple….and I even left the skins on so there’d be dashed of dark purple throughout.  Salt, Pepper, margarine and soymilk finished them off, perfect.  Earlier in the year the purple potatoes were huge, but these days they’re fingerling size, which just meant I had to use about 8 to make mashed potatoes for two.

Last but not least, was a simple stirfry of snow peas and carrots cooked up in the remaining peanut oil from the burgers and a dash of shoyu.   They were topped with some Gomasio.  (sesame seeds and salt)  We’ll call this dinner Asian Fusion….calling my food fusion makes me feel cool.


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