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April 2009
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Golden Rice Cakes with Sweet Potato-Ginger Sauce, Schezuan Bean Curd Soup and Smlove Pie

The sauce for the Golden Rice Cakes was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made.  It was the color of perfectly ripe  cantelope, smooth as silk, and yet perfectly spiced.  I’m just a little proud.  The rice cakes themselves were pretty good too, although without the sauce I doubt they would have been anything [...]

Anise Flavored Bread and Celery Gratin

First off, who on earth cooks celery for an HOUR?  While I thought this was pretty good (others weren’t as keen) I still think attempting to cook celery for an hour is pretty ridiculous.  As it turns out, I didn’t get to keep it in that long anyway, because after about half an hour in [...]

Snappy Snap Pea Salad and Penne Broccoli with Red Pepper Sauce

Both recipes tonight came from  Vegetarian Planet and fared pretty well.   Snappy Snap Pea salad just sounded fun, and  it called for some of my recently acquired Sumac which I was pretty hyped up about.  This was cool and tasty, but a bit too tart for my taste, mostly because of the Sumac if I [...]

Pineapple Fried Rice

Thursday night we ordered out for Chinese, although I’d really wanted Thai.  While there’s a great Thai place nearby that does take out, they don’t deliver, and the way I was feeling, I wasn’t getting out of bed to go pick up my food anywhere, they were bring it to me.  As a consolation prize, [...]

Cure a Cold Soup

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately, and following up the day of tea (I had about 12 cups yesterday) I was looking for a new way to consume my liquids, and did soup for today’s lunch.  Followed up with a hot shower, I’m feeling much better, and I highly recommend the “brew” [...]

Tomato Asparagus Quiche

I found another V’con recipe I hadn’t tried yet…that being the Quiche.  I must say I was intrigued by a vegan quiche with no egg replacement, no tofu, no fake cheese…no liquids to speak of, and I had something to prove.  A beloved friend (when she heard the ingredients) was convinced it would never hold [...]

Tempeh-Mango Salad Sandwiches and a Peak at my “Garden”

  When I saw the first mangos of the season, I knew I had to make the mango-tempeh salad sandwiches from VwaV.  Biggest lesson?  Don’t buy mangoes until we’re actually INTO the season, they were pretty weak.  One of the two never got ripe, and the one that felt perfect was stringy and somewhat brown [...]

A RAW Contest Entry

If you haven’t visited lately, Lindy-Loo over at Yeah That Vegan Shit is having a contest. With some cookbooks up for the taking, the idea is to make some rocking nips out of food, and I had to give this a shot.  You should consider that your censored warning for the pictures in this entry.  [...]

Chickpea Spinach Curry

This is a pretty standard curry…Easy enough to make for lunch (as I did) but nothing terribly spectacular. The recipe is from VwaV, I suggest you find it there, increase the salt a bit and limit all the other spices accordingly.  That’s what I did, and the salt turned out just right and all the [...]

Caesar Salad V’con Style

I’ve never been a huge caesar salad fan, which is probably why I’ve never made the caesar salad from V’con, but it seems like everyone else has tried it, so I gave it a shot. It IS good…you know, as caesar salads go.  Frankly I like a larger variety of vegetables in mine and a [...]