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March 2009
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Broccoli with Cheezy Sauce

I had a tupperware of the V’con cheezy sauce left over from the Florentine, and when a coworker mentioned the comfort food dinner he’d made including some cheddar broccoli, I knew what I had to do. YUM.  I only wish I’d done a better job of draining the broccoli after steaming, because the green juice [...]

“Beef” N Broccoli

 We haven’t had broccoli in a while, and broccoli always makes me think Chinese takeout, so that’s essentially what I did.  I’m not sure what takeout places put on their beef and broccoli, because to my memory, it’s pretty different then what I came up with.  It was still good though, so I can’t really [...]

Tofu Florentine

I didn’t exactly have a light hand with the cheezy sauce (this is a V’con recipe, start to finish) But this was damn good. It went down over whole wheat sourdough since we didn’t have potatoes or english muffins. “Tell everyone your boy approves” ‘Nuff said. Selah.

BBQ Seitan and Spicy “Tuna” Sushi. Plus a really cool dish made with the extras

First off, I need to give credit to an awesome condiment. I finally made the spicy sushi (or suSI as Bobby Flay would say) sauce from Just The Food and it’s great. I even put it in a squeeze bottle so I could drizzle fun patterns over the sushi. There were a few different rolls [...]

“Tuna” Salad and Lemon-Cherry Squares

The tuna salad recipe came from Lindyloo over at Yeah That Vegan Shit who got it from…somewhere else. I had to replace the red onion with white and I’d finished my celery in the wonton soup the day before, but I kept everything else more or less the same. Instead of kelp powder (which I [...]

Coming Attractions

There is a site redesign coming. I got sick of the blogger template and all its rigidity in what I can and can not do. I also got sick of blogger. So I’m relocating to wordpress, and designing (ok my boyfriend who actually knows how to create websites is) a whole new site. I’m not [...]

Sesame Asparagus and an Old Favorite Improved

I made a green salad with the homemade miso dressing from Vegetarian Planet as well, but it isn’t pictured. I said there would be more asparagus if they continued to look so delicious, and here it is: This is the sesame asparagus recipe from VwaV, which is really simple, but good. I’ve never had an [...]

Wonton Soup

Just another quick lunch entree to prove that I am, in fact alive. I wish I could figure out how to make wontons like this, cause these were GOOD. The broth was a quick combination of sliced ginger, Korean hot sauce, salt and pepper. I added some sliced mushrooms and leftover celery just before the [...]

Mexican Night!

I actually don’t think I’ve had a hard taco shell since high school…early high school, so I was pretty excited when we decided to do Mexican Night. We got a package of tortillas, and another of the hard taco shell, and set up a Mexican Food assembly line. Personally, I went for a taco and [...]

Black Bean Un-Koftas, Crumbled Potatoes with Edamame, and Red Cooked Daikon

This was a very ethnic meal, which I’m sometimes thrilled with, and other times they can be a flop. This one was good. Flipping through Brand Name Chinese, I saw a recipe for lamb koftas, which are meatballs with an almond stuffed inside, covered with a thick yogurt based gravy. Commence mission veganize: I came [...]