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February 2009
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Vegan Quesadillas

Now I realize that Vegan quesadillas is an oxymoron…what with queso meaning cheese and all..but I wasn’t sure what else to call them. This was actually a conglomeration of a couple Vegan Dad recipe from the cookbook, but since I’m an over achiever, I went and found them on the site for you as well.

The main idea came from his Potato-Cheese quesadillas. I made the tortillas from the recipe, and did the potato filling, although I tripled the hot sauce. Instead of using Vegan cheese, I mixed in about 1/3 cup of Nooch. In the search for a protein of sorts, I made his Tofu Chick’n from the wrap recipe.
The quesadillas were filled with the potato mixture and generous handful of the tofu chick’n. They were folded in half and then pressed down in a cast iron skillet for about 30 seconds a side, just to heat things up a bit.

I drenched everything in salsa, because that’s what I do, but I’m excited to report I didn’t miss the cheese in this AT ALL. In fact, it occurred to me as I was eating that greasy cheese melted over all the great flavors inside probably would’ve killed this. Now I just need to figure out nachos without cheese…that’ll be harder for me.


6 comments to Vegan Quesadillas

  • Vegetation

    Mmm they look delicious! I love it when you don’t miss cheese in a recipe.

    From a fellow cheese eater, I highly recommend the Queso from the blog Vegan Explosion for nachos.

  • Gina

    Oooh, that sounds so good! My brother is a huge fan of anything with potatoes, so I try to make him something with them every few weeks, and this sounds perfect (he loves Vegan Dad’s blog too, so it’d be an added plus!)

  • steph

    Oh, this looks and sounds really tasty!

    For nachoes, I tend to go OTT on the guacamole now, where before I used to be quite sparse. And I superspice the bean mix.

  • be'ershevaboheme6

    steph—I already go way overboard with the guac…I LOVE GUAC….and to be honest, I’m sure I could go without cheese when I have Guac…it is pretty amazing :)

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  • I like to use guacamole as a substitute for my cheese.. I hardly need it anymore! Try nachos with the guac instead of cheese and do some chick’n for your “meat” on there. And of course, drench in salsa! Must try.

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