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January 2009
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Orange Glazed Scones and Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy

So today was a VwaV day, and OMFG did it make up for the TVP burger disaster. Breakfast was a combination of the leftover tempeh bacon from yesterday (my omni friend who’d never heard of tempeh before this morning even liked it!) and the orange glazed scones (also from VwaV). The scones were ridiculously easy, [...]

Tempeh Bacon

As promised, I have the tempeh bacon from VwaV… This was REALLY good…chalk it up on the slowly growing list of tempeh foods that I actually enjoy. It’s no bourbon glazed meatloaf…but it’s awful close. I think the trick to this is to burn it…mine was literally black on the bottom, but it tasted great..and [...]

Maple Roasted Winter Vegetables

I love roasting vegetables, and it’s not something I normally follow a recipe for, but these maple roasted ones from VwaV just sounded too good to pass up.I was right…they are too good to pass up. The only warning I have about these is that they’re pretty sweet, so you can’t eat a huge platter [...]

Polenta Lasagna with Roasted Vegetables

Yet another Vegan Dad recipe…this is the last (of the week) I promise. I’ve used cornmeal to make cornbread, and to crust various things, I’ve even made the creamy porridge like polenta…of which I’m not a fan. I never really liked cream of wheat for breakfast, and that’s what it reminded me of…except for dinner. [...]

Creamy-Spicy Seitan with Coconut Quinoa

This feels so NAUGHTY…and yet, it’s really not bad for you. Granted the entire can of coconut milk in the recipe IS full of fat….but according to some reading I’ve been doing lately, although coconut is chock full of saturated fat, it’s good for you…great even. Apparently indigenous people who cook everything with coconut oil [...]

Baked Chimichangas

This is another one a la the Vegan Dad Cookbook…I can not recommend purchasing his work enough. I’m not entirely sure why a baked chimichanga remains a chimichanga and doesn’t become a burrito…mine looked and tasted like burritos, but who am I to talk? Whether they were burritos or chimichangas, these were quite good, and [...]


This quick celery preparation is something I came across in a cookbook or website a long time ago, and copied to a card in my recipe file. I haven’t the faintest idea where it came from, but I know it isn’t my creation, so sadly I can’t post the recipe. I’m sure that with a [...]

Cornmeal-Masala Rousted Brussel Sprouts with Spiced Yogurt Sauce over Chickpea Basmati Rice

This one isn’t a looker, but boy was it filling and delicious. This was a combination of three V’con recipes (count em!) and not one steered me wrong. I did fail on my secondary mission of getting my other half to like brussel sprouts, although I won a small victory as he DID enjoy the [...]

Sticky BBQ Wingz and Cheater Baked Beans

In addition to a nice, healthy, salad. (not pictured) last night’s meal was a sugar-ridden cacophony of kid-friendly, dentist-hating food. We started things off with Vegan Dad’s BBQ Buffalo Wingz…which are absolutely AMAZING. I’d been wanting to try these off his blog forever, and with the book in my pantry, I had absolutely no excuse [...]

Steamed Eggplant with Korean Hot Sauce

I had a couple of the long japanese eggplants to finish off, and was looking for something simple to do with them when I struck pay dirt in Madhur Jaffrey’s Vegetarian Planet. Who has real Korean Hot Sauce from Korea just sitting around in their nearly-empty fridge? A girl lucky enough to have just had [...]