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December 2008
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Asian Quinoa Pilaf and Sugared Basil

I wanted to make this recipe for “lemongrass quinoa pilaf” that was in Vegetarian Planet, but as it turns out, I couldn’t find lemongrass ANYWHERE this week. If worst comes to worst, Shaws normally has it in a tube…but they were completely out as well, go figure. Who needs parsley in a tube? Since I [...]

Marinated Mushrooms and a Hot n Sour Slaw

Tonight was a very “antipasti” medley of sorts. We had green olives and whole roasted garlic spread on toast as well, but they aren’t pictured. I’ve been wanting to try out Marinated Mushrooms for awhile, as they’re a household favorite, and I’m not huge on some of the sketchy ingredients that come in your average [...]

Stir Fry

There’s nothing overly special about this….except that I used a couple fun new things I found at the Asian Market. One was long, purple eggplant….I simply couldn’t resist their fun color…and the other is green tea flavored soba noodles. The eggplant tasted a lot like normal eggplant, but nice and mild, no soaking/salting here, and [...]

Garam Masala Stir Fry

We’ve had a bottle of garam masala marinating sauce that’s been kicking around in the fridge for awhile, and tonight was its big night. I marinated tofu triangles for about half an hour in the sauce, and then grilled them in my cast iron skillet, pressing down on each side as they cooked. I also [...]

Creamy Tomato Soup and Panko Stuffed Mushrooms

Tonight’s V’con menu was much more successful, which I was excited about, since I’m still on a “try the few recipes you’ve never made in V’con” kick. The first thing I tried out was the panko stuffed mushrooms, which I’d been eying for awhile since everything “mushroom” is a big kick around here. I’d made [...]

Sphagetti Squash Mexican Fiesta with Avocado Salsa Fresca

…or something like that. There’s not a whole lot I can say about this….It was a a V’con recipe…I didn’t like it. Okay, that’s not totally true…I loved the fruit salsa component…the whole Mexican bean stuff underneath was nasty….or at least that’s my opinion on the matter. Selah.

Cajun Meatloaf with Bourbon Sauce and Sweet N’ Sour Potato Shreds

Vegan Dad went…and he did it again. He made something so totally delicious looking, that I could practically taste it from the picture, and couldn’t think of anything else but consuming it until I’d made my very own. Vegan Dad’s Picture looks way more appetizing than mine, but I can promise I followed his recipe [...]

Sweet N Sour Seitan

This was another idea I got from the Brand Name Chinese Cookbook although I didn’t follow the directions in the least. The seitan hit the wok with sliced carrots, green bell, celery, leek, and a can of pineapple chunks. The sauce was a combination of the juice from the pineapple, shoyu, hoisen sauce, and white [...]

Orange Seitan

Orange Beef is another popular Chinese dish that I remember from my childhood…and since I was making some seitan for a sweet and sour dish coming later this weekend, I decided to double the recipe and make some orange seitan over rice as well. I used the simple seitan recipe from V’con as usual, and [...]

Pad Thai

According to the Brand Name Chinese Cookbook, this recipe is called “tofu noodle salad with spicy peanut sauce”. I don’t know why they call it that, it’s a great Pad Thai. I’ve made plenty of Pad Thai’s before, and this ranks well among them…nothing stellar, but not bad either. The real trick to this was [...]