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November 2008
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Burekas and Shitake Consumme

I’ve wanted to try out home made burekas for a couple years now, since among other things, they aren’t available in the freezer section of my local market like in Israel. I’m pretty sure the standard bureka just has a layer of mashed potatoes between puffed pastry, but these were a bit more “unique”, and [...]

Jamaican Mix-Up Rice

If Jamaicans had their own version of fried rice…this would be it. And I don’t want to sway in my allegiance to greasy brown rice and undistinguishable veggies in a cardboard carton, but this was damn good. The recipe also made a TON, so I’m sure I’ll be eating it for the next three days. [...]

Pasta Fazool and Sundried Tomato Spread

I got these awesome looking Rosemary Spelt crackers, so of course I needed to make something just as exciting to slather them with. We scored a HUGE bag of sundried tomatoes last week, so the sundried tomato spread from V’con was looking pretty good. The only problem was that I didn’t have any almonds…I need [...]

Tempeh and Onions

This was a simple dish made to round out a meal of leftovers. I also made a pretty sweet salad combining the spicy citrus vinaigrette from V’con with half a papaya that met its fate on the mandolin. Sadly the salad never got as far as pictures, but it looked pretty average anyway, nothing telling [...]

Fondue Lo Mein

The basic idea for this dish was: “dump everything left in the fridge into the fondue pot and see what happens”, and that was what I did. The one glaring mistake I made was in not re-hydrating the oyster mushrooms and dried lily buds ahead of time. I figured since they normally re-hydrate in boiling [...]

Veggies and Stuffing

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, and even though thanks to my work schedule I’ll be spending the holiday alone, I’ve been feeling the need to make thanksgiving food anyway. Today’s dinner really consisted of a couple sides…some simple veggies, and a vegan stuffing. The veggie side started off with some quickly blanched green beans. The [...]

Lobster Mushroom Bisque and Morell Mushroom Ravioli

Tonight’s dinner looked really fancy…and it tasted ok. I started things off with the lobster mushroom bisque made by What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway a couple weeks ago. I replaced the cognac with white wine simply because I didn’t have it, and last time I bought cognac for a dish, the remaining [...]

Leek-Bean Cassoulet

OH. MY. COMFORT FOOD. This was SOOOO good. I’ve been wanting to make this dish since I got Veganomicon, but didn’t have vegetable shortening (or any other kind) until now, so I had to hold off. I finally got the shortening last week, and made the dish last night. The only change I made to [...]

Garlic Bread and Stuffed Shells

My freshman year of college, I was very into the “dinners” you could order from every run of the mill pizza place. For about 8 bucks, you could score a huge serving of pasta (at the time baked ziti was my poison of choice), a side salad, and a chunk of garlic bread. Tonight we [...]

Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Pork

Why on earth would I buy something called “Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Pork” that comes in a can? Well, why not…try everything once. This sat in the pantry for a couple weeks, since frankly, I was scared of it. No need…it wasn’t bad. Will I buy sweet and sour pork in a can again? Probably [...]