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October 2008
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Roasted Root Veggies

With a serious chill setting in, I decided to try out a heartier version of roasted veggies. It ended up a little different from my original plan, but still not bad.

Into the casserole dish went: a HUGE daikon root we picked up at the asian market, a couple very large carrots, a large onion, two zucchinis, and 4 beets. Those were hit with some salt, pepper, and fennel seeds, and then tossed in canola oil.
roasted root veggies
I put these in a 400F oven for 45 minutes, but as it turns out, they need a bit longer than that….I’d say an hour at 425F to really soften up and develop all their flavors. I’m not sure how I feel about roasted daikon…it’s not bad, but still has a bit of that bitter “radish” taste to it. I’ll probably stick to my favorite method of pickling from here on in. Beets on the other hand, which normally sketch me out, are REALLY good roasted, the sugars develop and make them really sweet…the only downside is that they turn everything else purple too.


4 comments to Roasted Root Veggies

  • Virginia

    ya know, i don’t think i have ever had a beet. buying them fresh in the store turns me off because i don’t want to get purple juice all over my kitchen =(

  • be'ershevaboheme6

    this was my first ever attempt at fresh beets…and it really wasn’t too bad…I did a SERIOUS scrub down on the counter afterward though. The cutting board came out of the dishwasher just as white as it was…without so much as a pre-rinse.

  • Jeni Treehugger

    I’ve never had Daikon – can’t imagine what it tastes like.

  • be'ershevaboheme6

    daikon really just tastes like a radish…albeit a HUGE one. It’s very often pickled and dyed yellow and used in sushi, you may have had it that way…I know that’s how I was first introduced to it.

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