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October 2008
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Mushroom Stroganoff


Since the Vegetarian Times Cookbook is due back to the library this week, I figured I should try out a couple last recipes. (although I’m considering renewing). All of a sudden the mushroom stroganoff recipe was looking really good to me, which is interesting because I’ve never had a stroganoff in my life, and wouldn’t have known one prior to tonight if it hit me in the face.

mushroom strogonoff
This looked really good, and my better half thought it was great…but I wasn’t a huge fan. I’m not big on rich, creamy foods at all, and somehow it didn’t occur to me that something with a full container of soy sour cream would be rich and creamy…I’m not sure what I was thinking there. The recipe also called for a “meaty mushroom such as oyster or portabella” which is odd, since they’re nothing alike. I figured that since I already had a huge bag of oyster mushrooms in the pantry I’d go with those…bad decision. The oyster mushrooms were very “fishy”, which I didn’t like with the creaminess one bit, and in the future I’ll think an option like that through. I am thinking about eliminating the sour cream and going with a plain yogurt instead, to limit the “richness” and add an acidic component…perhaps a greek yogurt would do the trick.


2 comments to Mushroom Stroganoff

  • Jeni Treehugger

    HELL YEAH!!!!
    That looks delicious!!

  • Vegetation

    Mmmm stroganoff was one of my favourite dishes pre-veg. I only use a few big spoonfuls of sour cream in mine though (and seitan and extra mushrooms).

    Yours looks delicious, even if you didn’t like it so much :(

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