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October 2008
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lychee seitan and a sugar snap stir-fry

I remember when I was a kid, there was this fairly classy chinese sit down restaurant my family would go to from time to time. We always got the moo shoo pancakes (which I’ve already done a veggie version of) and another dish we often ordered was the lychee chicken. I actually haven’t had lychee [...]

Syrian Tomato Salad and Tuscan Zucchini Pie

I was feeling pretty global last night, so I decided to pull out Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian and see what she had to say that worked with my fridge contents. Her first offering was a Tuscan Zucchini pie, that looked an awful lot like a quiche without the crust. I replaced the egg in the [...]

Savory Kugel and Neatloaf

Tonight’s meal was pretty rustic and comfort food-esque, without a lot of fat. Sadly my kugel is not vegan, due to the egg noodles and the two eggs I used to bind everything together. I’m not sure what would take the place of the eggs here, since Ener-G is more of a rising than a [...]

Mediterranean Burger

We still had two of those horrible “Bahama Burgers” I reviewed a while ago sitting in the fridge, and I decided it was time I “manned” up and took care of…one. I went with a “the more I put between the buns, the less I’ll taste the burger” theory, and it actually worked out quite [...]

Mushroom Stroganoff

Since the Vegetarian Times Cookbook is due back to the library this week, I figured I should try out a couple last recipes. (although I’m considering renewing). All of a sudden the mushroom stroganoff recipe was looking really good to me, which is interesting because I’ve never had a stroganoff in my life, and wouldn’t [...]

Yam Noodles with Peas

First off, I can’t believe that I’ve lived in this town for more than five years, and just today learned that there is a fully vegetarian supermarket not ten minutes from my apartment. Who knew? To top it all off, the prices are more than fair, the selection is great (it’s the first place we’ve [...]

Potato Gnocchi

This one isn’t Vegan, and while I know you CAN make vegan gnocchi, I’ve never done it before, and everything I read said if you want to eliminate eggs, to use them the first time, halve them the second time, etc, to make sure you’ve got the hang of it before going completely without. Considering [...]

Chili Dogs and Beer-battered Seitan

Sometimes you just want some junk food…and tonight was one of those nights. First off I made some beer-battered simple seitan. I used the classic simple seitan recipe from V’con, and made a pretty standard beer batter with flour, baking soda, paprika, and beer. fried in some canola oil. I set these up with some [...]

Schnitzel and Fruit “cups”

Way back before I went Veggie, one of my favorite foods that my mother cooked was schnitzel…essentially chicken patties, breaded and then baked. That doesn’t sound very exciting…but somehow, it IS. In Israel you can buy “vegetarian schnitzel” at every run of the mill grocery store, and it is generally full of corn or some [...]

Cranberry Stuffing and Buttercup-Udon Stew

I’d been eying the kabocha-udon stew in Veganomicon for awhile, but held off, hoping I’d one day see a kabocha squash…no such luck. I wasn’t able to find the kombu either, which is supposed to flavor the stock. I finally decided the time had come regardless, and I would just improvise. I had all the [...]