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September 2008
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White Eggplant

I found these adorable baby white eggplants at the farmer’s market in town, and absolutely could not help myself. I didn’t want to do anything too complicated with these, although in retrospect I should have salted and drained them prior to cooking…they were a bit bitter. I picked out a recipe from “The New Vegetarian Indian Cookbook”, and changed it up a little based on the ingredients I had on hand. Does anyone have mango powder? That’s a mix of potatoes and white eggplant in the picture, sautéed with a number of spices and then sprinkled with cilantro. It tasted quite traditionally “Indian”, which I like, but I’ve been doing it a lot lately, I think it’s time to switch food ethnicities.
white eggplant
I still think the white eggplant is really cool…but If I get more, I’ll try to soak the bitterness out before cooking, just like I do with the larger, purple variety.


2 comments to White Eggplant

  • Vegetation

    Mmm mango powder sounds delicious! I’ve never seen any here. I do have a dry marinade that I use for the omniverous family that’s mango based, I’ll have to double check the ingredients to see if it’s veg friendly.

    I bought white eggplant once. I was SO excited to find it…then totally devastated when once it was cooked that it looked just like regular eggplant :( Lol and I never salt my eggplant either (laziness on my part).

    And I love all your Indian food (just in case you didn’t know). I love indian food!

  • Cindy

    I’ve got some mango powder! It’s also called amchur/amchoor. I bought it from an Indian grocer, and I think it’s intended to add a tangy element, much like tamarind. Haven’t used it yet, it’s been hanging around in my freezer for a while. :-)

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