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September 2008
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Roasted Veggie Pasta and Lemoney Roasted Potatoes

I love roasting vegetables…simply because you can use pretty much anything you have on hand (with the exception of leafy greens), and they take on this amazing tender sweetness I can’t seem to achieve any other way. Today’s stars were baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, a zucchini, a red onion, and a spoonful of garlic. The veggies were all sliced up into fairly large chunks (the tomatoes and carrots were left whole) and tossed with fennel seed, a couple grinds of salt and pepper, and a generous dosing of olive oil. They went into the oven for about an hour at 400 degrees.

Once complete, they were tossed into some pasta (made from Jerusalem artichoke flour, whoohoo!), and topped off with red chili flakes and Parm…a simple and delicious dish.
roasted veg pasta
I also made the lemony roasted potatoes from Veganomicon which I’ve been eyeing for awhile. These were ok, but the intense citrus flavor rubbed me the wrong way a bit. While I normally like lemon in things, and I LOVE potatoes, the combo wasn’t my absolute favorite.
lemoney roasted potatoes
I’ll have no problem finishing off the leftovers, but I don’t think I’d make this exact recipe again.


3 comments to Roasted Veggie Pasta and Lemoney Roasted Potatoes

  • Nikki Douglas

    The pasta is so gorgeous – I’ve been eating more pasta as my one cooked meal of the day lately. I would love to find Jerusalem Artichoke pasta tho’ – where did you get it? Totally yummy!

  • Tracy

    I love roasted veggies–when I was in Israel, we used to make them 3-4 times a week in the winter with whatever veggies we had (though our fave combo was zucchini, mushrooms, carrots and sweet potatoes.) We roasted them until they were good and carmelized and served them over brown rice or quinoa with lots of soy sauce…yummmmmmm…

    Seeing this pasta brings back such good memories…and makes me wonder why I never thought of using pasta…

  • be'ershevaboheme6

    I got the artichoke pasta at the small health food store in town….I’d never seen it before, and I of course forget the brand name…it came in a yellow box…

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