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September 2008
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Seitan 65

So I was watching Iron Chef last week, and the challenging chef (who was of Indian Origin) made a dish he called a take-off of “Chicken 65″. He then went on to explain that while the dish varies widely depending on where you have it, the rumor is that it got it’s name from a [...]

French Challah

I TOLD you I was going to make French Toast out of the Challah. You should actually be getting even more excited, because I think I’m going to make the remaining Challah (What can I say, there was a LOT) into bread pudding today. This was a very simple recipe, an egg, splash of milk, [...]

Siamese Challah

I’ve made challah many times before…with my mother…with friends…at Jewish institutes and programs…but never by myself. At 23 years old, I’d never actually made my own challah from scratch, and it was high time. It had to have raisins, since all the superior “challot” do, and since I had them, I decided to give it [...]

Zucchini – Mung Bean Dal

I’m having a very “Indian” themed week, so you can expect a lot more ethnic food over the next few days. I’m going to be making more hot and sour soup as well, but I’ve blogged about it before, so I won’t bore you with those details. I started my Asian kick with the Zucchini-Mung [...]

African Stew over Couscous

It got pretty chilly last night, so I was in the mood for something hearty…enter stew. I picked out the African Stew from Vegetarian Planet only to discover that I didn’t have three of the vegetables…which basically made up the soup. I decided to improvise anyway, and replaced sweet potato, collards and cauliflower with baby [...]

For tonight’s veggie, I decided to try out the curry-butter asparagus recipe from Vegetarian Planet, only I simplified it a bit over the version in the book. I used all the same ingredients, but after mixing together the butter, the book has you shape it into a log, chill, and then place a pat of [...]

Midnight Soup

For some reason, we’re very fond of soup as a midnight snack in our place. It’s always a combination of veg. stock, varied vegetables, tofu, and ramen noodles. (minus the suspect-looking flavoring packet) This one wasn’t terribly out of the ordinary, but was delicious and took barely ten minutes from start to finish, so I [...]

Last Summer Grilling

Yesterday they closed the pool for the season, and since the grills were opened in conjunction with the pool, and the gas was turned off when the pool closed every night…we kind of figured they were being shut down for the year as well, and made sure to use them yesterday. I decided to make [...]

Un-Beef Wellington

I’ve been meaning to make this forever, but I was terrified. The original recipe looks hard enough, for this version I obviously had to MAKE the meat, and I’ve never used filo dough before…for anything. The forces of nature were definitely working against me. Having considered all of that, I’m very proud of the result. [...]

Sweet Potato Muffins

There’s not much to say about these…they came from Vegetarian Planet, and they’re VERY yummy. Selah.