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September 2008
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Seitan Pot Pie

This was an idea I had awhile back when a co-worker was talking about his favorite food…chicken pot pie. My immediate thought was ‘why on earth haven’t I done that?” and I set about coming up with a recipe. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a real pot pie…even in my pre-vegetarian days, but [...]

Mushroom Avocado Rolls

I hadn’t made sushi in awhile, so I figured it was time to put together some simple rolls. I softened up some mushrooms in sherry and olive oil, and filled the rolls with a combination of shrooms, sliced avocado, scallion, and home-pickled daikon. I was bummed to discover these were pretty bland…I think I like [...]


This was a recipe I got from Vegetarian Planet, and altered a bit since I didn’t have parmesan or walnuts. The exciting part? I made it vegan!! I’d been craving spaghetti squash, something I haven’t had…pretty much since I started cooking for myself, since I’d never really thought to buy it. When I saw the [...]


I was thinking Greek, and I still had some filo pastry leftover from the Beef Wellington…so I thought Spanikopita. Rather than look for a recipe, I decided to simply include what I thought belonged, and hope the result was good. The result was indeed good….delicious, even. And since I put together the recipe of my [...]

Carrot Dumplings in Lemongrass Broth

I’ve never made “dumplings” before…good thing they’re a lot like matzoh balls…eliminate the matzoh meal, replace with flour, and adorn as desired. It actually gave me an idea…I’ve never mixed carrots or spices of any kind into my matzoh balls…but why not? I see a culinarily (yes I made that word up) exciting Passover in [...]

White Eggplant

I found these adorable baby white eggplants at the farmer’s market in town, and absolutely could not help myself. I didn’t want to do anything too complicated with these, although in retrospect I should have salted and drained them prior to cooking…they were a bit bitter. I picked out a recipe from “The New Vegetarian [...]

Vegan Dad’s Lasagna Rolls

I took this on as a challenge partially because of a co-worker, but I’m so glad I did. I work with a guy who is VERY lactose-intolerant, and we’re always talking about Vegan recipes…although he will eat vegan ceaser dressing with chicken… We’d been talking a lot about vegan cheese, and how/if it melts, when [...]

Pumpkin Bread

The last serving of the Pumpkin dish from about a week and a half ago (that seems so much worse when I write it) was rolling around in the fridge, and today was going to be its last day, whether it was consumed or not…I’d already decided that. When I got up and opened the [...]

Sesame Tofu with Apricot Sauce

I almost don’t want to admit this came from a Rachael Ray cookbook…it was so darn good. Then again, the recipes in Rachael Ray’s Best Deals in Town on $40 a Day come from the places she visited…and this was by no means a thirty minute meal. The recipe was actually for Sesame Chicken, but [...]

Spicy Tempeh and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

This was a QUICK comfort meal…one that begin when Jeopardy ended at 7:30 and was served by the time House started at 8. Rachael Ray would’ve been so proud. I don’t know if the average person thinks mashed potatoes when they need to put together meals in a hurry, but then I’m not the average [...]