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August 2008
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Simple Pasta Supper

I can’t really take any credit for tonight’s dinner, unless it’s for the chopping, since that was my contribution. Other than that, this was my boyfriend’s creation, and I’m more than happy to give him his credit due. This was quick, simple, and filling, not to mention it used up a couple things that were [...]

Yuca-less, Jamaican Yuca Shepard Pie

I decided to make the yuca shepard’s Pie from V’con, only to discover that there was definitely no yuca to be found anywhere in the vicinity. I decided to use additional sweet potatoes instead of the yuca, and to replace the Scotch Bonnet peppers (which I couldn’t find either) I minced up a habenero and [...]

Guy Fieri’s Veggie Burger

There are a few reasons I love Guy Fieri so much. One is his personality…he’s just plain cool, and he brings some much needed life to the food network morning line up. The other big reason? While he’s not Veggie, his sister IS a long time vegetarian, and he’s very good with supplying Vegetarian entrees [...]

Baby Bok Choy with Shallots and Miso Soup

I’ve made the baby bok choy recipe from V’con a few times, but it’s been awhile, so it hasn’t seen the light of “blog” yet. The sad thing is…I’m just not as enamored with it as I used to be. This was the BEST baby bok choy recipe ever…until I made the baby bok choy [...]

Snacks for Dinner

Making hummus from scratch is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time…and never quite got around to. Now that I’ve finally done it, I don’t think I’ll ever stop. This stuff is DELICIOUS, although I’ll be honest, the first time I had it, I thought it was missing something. A day [...]


I had food to post..there are pictures of homemade hummus and tomatilla salsa with fresh baked pita chips, just sitting on the camera…raring to go. The only problem is that it’s my boyfriend’s camera, and he took it on vacation to Maine with him, prior to my getting those pictures off. Unfortunately that means no [...]

Homemade Pasta

So this was my first attempt at making my own pasta with my new machine….it could have gone better. On the bright side I figured out what I was doing towards the end, so there were some good noodles…unfortunately there were also a lot of “noodle clumps”. The good news is that we live and [...]

Coconut Curry

I’d been thinking about making a coconut curry for a long time, the problem is, when I finally got around to it yesterday, I used too much coconut and not enough CURRY…ah well, live and learn. It wasn’t bad, just more mild and sweet than I had been hoping for. Most people would probably find [...]

Vegetable Lo Mein

I got some lo mein noodles at the co-op in Vermont (OK, technically it’s in NH, but just barely) and they were begging to become a yummy asian meal. Unfortunately these noodles aren’t Vegan, but everything else is, and I’m sure you could make lo mein with whatever pasta you choose. Obviously this recipe is [...]

A little backtracking

We’re back from vacation (sadly) and I have one more post to catch up on before I start cooking again. We were trying to finish up the reminder of the fridge contents before leaving, so it’s not the most exciting meal…just to warn you. I started off with a simple salad of spinach leaves, julienned [...]