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August 2008
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Carribean Potato Salad and a Survey

I thought I’d share with you a tiny bit of food porn, see Carribean Potato Salad: and a survey. The salad is from Vegetarian Planet (like most everything else I’ve been cooking lately) and comes highly recommended. You definitely need to let it chill though…it’s mediocre at best warm. Now it’s time for the survey, [...]

Chickpea Cutlets and Potato Muffins

This was created to be a fairly simple comfort-food meal, and it filled that role nicely. I’ve made the chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon before (pre-blog) but they came out a bit different this time. I think I used a bit less vital wheat gluten than usual, and fried them a little longer than before, so [...]

Israeli Couscous

This was a simple dinner, made to utilize some of the leftovers in the fridge/pantry before we go grocery shopping again. Israeli couscous is something I’ve always found pretty confusing, because I’ve spent time living and cooking in Israel…and they all eat what’s called “Moroccan or French Couscous” here, and I may have seen “Israeli [...]

Carrot-Zucchini Wontons, Fried Rice and Pickled Carrots

Greg came over one last time before leaving for a year in Korea this week, and in honor of his relocation to Asia, we made Asian food. I didn’t attempt any Kimchee…although I have a recipe for it, and the thought did cross my mind. Instead, I decided to class it up a bit, and [...]

I made another recipe from Vegetarian Planet today, this one being the Indonesian bean curd stew. This had a very similar flavor profile to Thom Kha Tofu, although there was no soy sauce, which was pretty exciting, because I’ve been feeling a bit of “soy sauce-overload” lately. I also eliminated the “optional” cilantro from the [...]

Mashed Potatoes, BBQ Tofu and Zucchini Bread

I was in the mood for a very classic American, comfort food style dinner. To me (feel free to disagree) the best comfort food on EARTH is a big bowl of mashed potatoes, and I made a big pot of it tonight so I could do just that. I kicked it up a notch by [...]

Noodle Quiche

This time around, I tried the “noodle Quiche” from Vegetarian Planet, which I’m currently borrowing from the library, but may HAVE to buy before it’s due. The book is seriously amazing, it’s got tons of recipes, some Vegan, most just Vegetarian, but there are more than a hundred I wanted to try just flipping through…oh [...]

Asian Slaw, Baked Beans with “Dogs” and V’con Baked Lima Beans

This was a multi-part meal, designed with the purpose of finishing off the perishable fridge contents before they well…perish. This dinner was actually very BBQ-Esq., minus the need for an actual grill or barbequing action. The purpose of the slaw was to finish off the head of napa cabbage that’s been rolling around in my [...]

Sweet and Sour Yam Noodles

I’d never tried, nor heard of, yam noodles before I saw them in the Asian market last week. Apparently they were very popular during the anti-carb craze…which I never got into, so I guess there’s no reason for me to have heard of these. I thought they looked interesting when I came across them recently, [...]

Banana Bread

I finally found a baking recipe that even I can’t screw up….probably because there are fewer than ten ingredients and the directions are very clear. You know how sometimes you go to grab a banana off the bunch, and in twisting the stem, manage to rip all of them at the top? Once that happens, [...]