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July 2008
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Fajitas and Samosa Stuffed Baked Potatoes

I got some small tortillas when we last went shopping, and had been yearning for something Mexican inspired. Enter fajitas…(I have no clue what the difference between soft tacos and fajitas really is, but who cares.) Fajitas sound cooler. The “meat” for these were my remaining sausages, sliced on an angle and fried up until [...]

Chinese Green Beans, Saffron Rice, and a Blackberry Crumble

First, an apology. I’m having serious computer problems, and because my laptop has been un-usable, I’ve built up a serious backlog of food. To fix it, I’m going to try and combine several dishes into a couple entries and get the one that follows this up as quick as possible. In the meantime I’m using [...]

Polenta Rounds and Pesto-y Pasta

I’ve had this “log” of polenta sitting in my pantry for a while now, and I finally felt up to the challenge of using it. I had one shared ingredient for last night’s dinner, which was the broccoli rabe. I wilted down the rabe in some balsamic, with a sprinkle of chili flakes, salt and [...]

Breakfast Hash

This was basically corned beef hash…without the corn beef. That said, I’ve never had or made corned beef hash, so I actually don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Two sentences in…and I’ve already undermined my own authority. You can’t tell me however, that you wouldn’t want this for breakfast.\ I took a couple [...]

Homemade Ravioli and Squash Blossoms

I tried making homemade ravioli using wonton wrappers once before, but it was something of a disaster. The problem was that I made the raviolis earlier in the day, and then set them aside, planning to cook them later. By the time I got to them, the filling had soaked through the wontons, and all [...]

Carrot Salad and Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I’m continuing with my “summer food” theme, which basically means that I only make things that can be eaten cold…unfortunately that does not necessarily mean that they don’t require cooking at some point. First off is a salad that I stole from Rachael Ray…sort of. I saw her make it a long time ago on [...]

Just to hold you over

I actually cooked tonight, and made some pretty exciting food. That said, I have entire recipes and such to put up along with the pictures, and it’s a bit late for that tonight. Enter……Pancakes! I made these for breakfast the other day, since we had some fresh blueberries to finish up before they were no [...]

BBQ Seitan-Coleslaw Sandwiches and Sweet n’Sour Mung Beans

This meal was ok. I’m warning you in advance that it wasn’t stellar…what can I say? Having cooked it, I’d like it to be stellar, but I can’t lie to you, it was just ok. Not being in the mood to do any heavy-duty cooking, I decided to use up my remaining seitan cutlets in [...]

Potato Salad and Seitan Cutlets with Chili Chocolate Mole

Considering I totally made it up as I went, this potato salad is really good. In fact I’ll probably make it the same way again and again in the future. It started off with chunked, boiled potatoes, and acquired whatever I had in the fridge along its journey. Ingredients 2 lbs yukon gold potatoes, washed [...]

Corn-Edamame Salad, Vegetable Sushi…and desert!!!

It was perfect out yesterday, so I felt the need to compliment the weather with a perfect summer meal (enjoyed out on the balcony with some iced tea of course). We started things off with the corn-edamame salad from V’con. This took less than 5 minutes to make, and was quite yummy. It definitely gets [...]